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Year (10); Prerequisite: None
One year - Required
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)
*2019-20 - Open to both 10th & 11th Grade Students

World History is designed to increase your understanding of the history of the world. The course will begin with the Development of Democracy in Greece (2000BC - 70 AD) and end with the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte (1799 – 1812). We will observe history through the global viewpoint focusing on the formation of major world cultures. Chief among these will be Greece, Rome, Persia, India, Islam, Renaissance Europe, and the Protestant Reformation.

Year (10); Prerequisite: B+ 2nd Semester Honors English 9 or A- 2nd Semester English 9/English 10
One year - Alternate to World History (P)
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)
*2019-20 - Open to both 10th & 11th Grade Students

Weighted g.p.a. Social Studies course is a chronological civilization based approach to the world’s most significant cultures. The term 'significant' is meant to highlight those civilizations that have had the greatest impact on the formation of the modern day world as well as those major non-western societies which are now entering our global consciousness. It is important in this course to focus upon the 'Big Picture.' This approach will better serve our survey of various cultures and events. Emphasis is placed on the changes and interactions within and between cultures, the similarities and
dissimilarities of cultural shifts and developments over time.

Year (11); Prerequisite: None
One year - Required
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)
*Not Offered 2019-20

United States History is a year-long course and students will explore the grand sweep of U.S. history– from the arrival of the very first Americans to the 21st century. The overall goal of this course is to make U.S. history “come alive” by studying the stories of Americans, both big and small. In addition, history should be made relevant and encourage critical thinking about the past and the present. Finally, students will be encouraged to become active citizens as a result of taking United States History.

Year (11); Prerequisite: Suggested A- or better in World Literature (P) and Summer Assignment.
One year - Alternate to U.S. History (P)
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)

All students enrolled in AP classes with an equal college prep version available are required to take the AP exam. Parents will be charged the $94 exam fee on the 1st of November or they must communicate the need for a partial waiver fee prior to that date. The AP U.S. History course focuses on developing students’ understanding of American history from approximately 1491 to the present. The course has students investigate the content of U.S. history for significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in nine historical periods, and develop and use the same thinking skills and methods (analyzing primary and secondary sources, making historical comparisons, chronological reasoning, and argumentation) employed by historians when they study the past. The course also provides seven themes (American and national identity; migration and settlement; politics and power; work, exchange, and technology; America in the world; geography and the environment; and culture and society) that students explore throughout the course in order to make connections among historical developments in different times and places. There is a summer reading and writing assignment.

Year (12); Prerequisite: None
One semester – Required
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)

This is the study of how people make choices between their unlimited wants and needs versus their limited resources. Students will learn how the individual and the corporation function within a mixed economy. Market principles of supply and demand will be used to formulate a mock corporation and gear class discussions. Economics will also focus on current economic conditions such as the gas crisis and fiscal responsibility.

Year (12); Prerequisite: None
One semester - Required
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (a)

American Government will focus on the United States Constitution and the political decision-making process. We will explore the principles of democracy, the three branches of American government, politics, law and individual rights. Students should gain a working knowledge of American government and be able to perceive their role as politically-aware citizens.

Year (12); Prerequisite: None
One semester - Elective
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (g)

This introductory psychology course will provide an opportunity to experience a broad spectrum of fields in psychology. The insights, techniques, innovations and research of this social science will form a base on which to deepen a perception and understanding of the world about us, as well as an opportunity to explore the roots of human behavior, emotion and motivation.

Year (11, 12); Prerequisite: None
One semester – Elective

Business Management and Ethics is a course designed to introduce upper class students to multiple management styles, personalities, and management methods in a variety of industries and professions. The course will also cover Business Ethics and the cultural differences across the lines of a global economy. B.M.E. will address ethical standards expected and required in different industries and professions. Discussion and debate will also include ethical standards incorporated through our Catholic Faith.