Meet the Department

John Svitak – Department Head


Year (9,10); Prerequisite: None
One semester - Elective

St. Vincent de Paul High School feels strongly that all students should be prepared to be good citizens in digital environments, just as they are expected to be good citizens in the physical world. Topics that will be discussed include: receiving instruction on the safe and proper way to use technology and on digital citizenship topics including internet safety, privacy & security, relationships & communication, cyberbullying, digital footprint & reputation, self-image & identity, information literacy, and creative credit & copyright. In accordance with the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires schools to educate students about appropriate online behavior. This includes education on interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and on cyberbullying awareness and response.

Year (10,11,12); Prerequisite: None
One year – Elective
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (g)

A full year introduction to computers and software The first semester of the course will familiarize students with common computer applications and utilities as well as the basics of cyber-security, privacy and online etiquette. The second semester will provide an overview of software development including programming, project management, and software testing. A survey of the most common programming languages and the situations where they are most effectively applied will also be covered.

Year (11, 12) Prerequisite: Algebra II (P) with B- or Better
One-year Elective
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (g)

All students enrolled in AP classes with an equal college prep version available are required to take the AP exam. Parents will be charged the $94 exam fee on the 1st of November or they must communicate the need for a partial waiver fee prior to that date.

The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cyber security concerns, and computing impacts. AP Computer Science Principles will give students the opportunity to use technology to address real-world problems and build relevant solutions. Together, these aspects of the course make up a rigorous and rich curriculum that aims to broaden participation in computer science.

Year (10, 11, 12) Prerequisite: Completion of Alg II, or Currently enrolled in Alg II Honors
One-year Elective
Meets UC and CSU a-g criteria (g)

This course is designed to help students explore a myriad of fields in engineering and engineering technology. Exploring various technology systems and manufacturing processes will help students learn how engineers and technicians use math, science and technology in an engineering problem solving process to benefit society. The course also incorporates the social and political consequences of technological change.