Econ Week

Moderator Mr. Steve Cavalin

Econ Week is a Senior Project organized within students’ Economics course.  This activity provides a real-world application to many economic ideals and standards: perfect competition, supply, demand, partnership, cost-benefit analysis, etc.  Although this project serves to provide a great foundation for economic principles, it also serves to raise donations for the Econ Week Fund. This project has raised over $45,000 dollars in the last 15 years and funds on-campus events for students, to scholarship seniors who cannot afford the Grad Night Trip to Disneyland, or to purchase new water fountains or benches for our students.

Objective: To create a consumer product or food product that will, in your opinion, be in high demand by the student body here at SVHS or if you are up to the challenge a product that will be in high demand to your local community.

Learning Goals:

  • To gain a better understanding of the effort needed to become an entrepreneur and offer a product that is in demand.
  • It is expected that you will learn to manage your time between preparing your product, attending your classes, cleaning up your stall each day, and completing all assigned Econ Week tasks.
  • How does one compete in an open market?  Do you offer deals? Meals? Frequent buyer cards?  How is profit generated?
  • To have fun supplying your peers with their wants and needs; hopefully, to make a profit and enjoy this experience.
  • Most importantly, to work effectively in a small group setting.  Choose individuals you would trust with your wallet and your grade- who would look out for your best interests…