Scholarship Office

Tuition Scholarships Application

The St. Vincent de Paul High School Tuition Scholarships Application is now open for the 2019-20 school year. The deadline for completed scholarship applications is January 28, 2019.

Click on each link below to access each portion of the scholarship application. The application is in a fill-in and print out format. Please use Adobe Acrobat to access the fill-in portion. The top right side of the document may indicate “open with a different viewer”. Then click to proceed.

Incoming Freshmen & current 9th, 10th, & 11th grade SVHS student Scholarship Application includes:

2019-20 Scholarship Description & Instruction PagesExplains each scholarship available
2019-20 General Scholarship ApplicationOne copy of this completed form due with each package.
2019-20 Scholarship Response PageOne page for each scholarship essay response. Click on the far right side on the light blue bar under the “Scholarship Name” section. A drop-down menu will appear and you need to select the scholarship name for your essay.

A completed package will include:
1.) Completed General Scholarship Application (1 copy)
2.) One copy of each Response Page. (Students may apply to more than one scholarship as long as they meet the requirements listed.) Each individual scholarship essay requires a Response Page. Each completed Response Page requires one copy.)

Completed scholarship packages are due to SVdPHS c/o Mrs. Doolittle 849 Keokuk Street, Petaluma, CA 94952 by January 28, 2019. Emailed, partial, or late applications will not be considered. A postmark of January 28, 2019, will be accepted.

For questions regarding our 8th through 11th-grade SVHS tuition scholarship opportunities please contact Terese Doolittle * Student Financial Services 707-763-1032 ext. 118

For information regarding our senior college scholarship opportunities please visit the College Center page. Senior scholarship information can also be found in the College Center in Kavanaugh Library and by logging into your NAVIANCE account. Students are welcome to visit during break times, tutorials, and after school. Contact Joanna Paun jpaun@ for more information on senior to college scholarships.

Students and parents, please be sure to read e-mails, US mail, daily announcements, and visit our web site often to keep up to date on scholarship information as it develops throughout the year.

2018-19 School Year Scholarships Awarded:
(Awarded to incoming, continuing, or graduating students)

Saint Vincent de Paul & B.V.M. Sisters Scholarship * Sister Gemma Leadership Award * Marge Henderson Memorial Scholarship * Kiwanis Foundation Brendan Smith Memorial Scholarship * John Broxmeyer Memorial Scholarship * Ed & Stella Cella Memorial Scholarship for Community Service * Tom & Judy Gavin Memorial Scholarship * Tom & Carolyn Maloney Family Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement * Young Maturing Athlete Scholarship * Dan Ercolini Memorial Scholarship * Donna Pengel Memorial Scholarship * The Burkart-Trapani Family Scholarship of Service * The Kavanaugh Scholarship * Rodney Vondrak Memorial Scholarship * David C. Pass Memorial Scholarship * Petaluma Educational Foundation-Alice Guglielmetti Scholarship * Saint Therese Martin Award * The Carter Rewards * The Gonzalez Speech & Debate Scholarships * Edward Borr Memorial Scholarship *  David & Mary Ann Malcolm Memorial Scholarship * Debbie Abrao School Spirit * William & Carolyn Tobin Family Scholarship * St. Vincent de Paul High School Math Scholarship * Devin Chiappari Memorial Scholarship * Drs. James & Jane Dawson Memorial Scholarship * Kim Nelson-McCaffrey & Mike McCaffrey Memorial Scholarship