“Those 4 years in debate were the educational foundation of everything I did. And I don’t mean that in some simple form…I’m saying the finest education I got from any of the institutions I attended, the foundation of my mind that I got during those 4 years of competitive policy debate; that is, 90% of the intellectual capacity that I operate with today–Fordham [University] for college, Fordham for the Ph.D., Harvard for law school–all of that is the other 10%.” — John Sexton, President of NYU

Welcome to the SVHS Speech & Debate Program!

We are looking forward to another great year with the Speech and Debate team. SV is a nationally recognized program that is among the most competitive in the country!  We offer a regular elective class for all levels and compete at tournaments on the weekends throughout the school year.

Want to know more about debate?

At SVHS we specialize in policy debate, the most rigorous and challenging of the speech and debate events.

The team policy debate topic is the same all year, which allows us to delve deeply in the nuances of the subject.

Students will learn about contemporary politics, government structure and law, international relations, worldwide challenges, political philosophy, logic, and critical thinking.

We travel all over the country to compete against the best debaters from the most elite schools.  A typical year involves tournaments in Texas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Kentucky.

Ready to join?

SVHS has a long and successful tradition of speech and debate. Do you want to be a part of it? Have questions? Interested in joining the speech and debate team? Come see Mr. Woodhead in Room 7 or e-mail him at