Campus Ministry

Our Mission Statement:

Saint Vincent de Paul High School’s Campus Ministry Department strives to foster the spiritual lives of our students. Spirituality is integral to the development of the whole person who embraces compassion and acts with a sensitivity to the struggles of our brothers and sisters. We accept students of all religious denominations in an attempt to highlight the significance of a life lived through faith. Most importantly, Campus Ministry will provide students an opportunity to develop authentic Catholic Values: Faith, Hope, and Love.

Who do we serve?

All members of the Saint Vincent de Paul High School community.  These members include students, faculty and staff members who coexist and constantly interact on our campus.  As a community, we are all part of the body of Christ and it is important that we operate with inclusivity and acceptance.

How do we serve?

Campus Ministry serves the Saint Vincent de Paul High community in the following ways:

  • Provide a Campus Ministry Club which meets weekly at lunch
  • Organize schoolwide masses and prayer services
  • Lead grade level retreats rooted in the development of a students’ heart, mind and soul.

Why should I join Campus Ministry?

Campus Ministry helps develop strong leadership skills.  Therefore, Campus Ministry is an opportunity to apply the skills you have learned in your Theology curriculum to your everyday life.  Ideally, this will develop lifelong leadership rooted in the teachings of Christ.

2018-19 Retreat Schedule


Date: August 31, 2018
Theme: Finding Spirituality in Your Own Life
Location: St. James Church
Duration: Full Day


Date: March 29, 2019
Theme: The Real Authentic Me
Location: St. Vincent de Paul Parish Hall
Duration: Full Day


Date: January 24-25, 2019
Theme: The Holy Spirit Burning in my Heart, Mind and Soul
Location: Alliance Redwoods Retreat Center
Duration: Two days, one night


Date: February 20-22, 2019
Theme: The True Call to Serve
Location: Alliance Redwoods Retreat Center
Duration: Three days, two nights


A Campus Ministry Success Story

A long time ago in Northern California at a small Catholic school, a young man was struggling with faith, life, and the high school experience. Junior Retreat was upcoming and the young man refused to attend the retreat. His mom had cancer and his dad was a violent alcoholic; he felt no need for Christ. A teacher reached out to this young man and encouraged him to attend. This encouragement made the young man mad and he continued to rebel in every class.

The following week, one of the religious brothers on campus asked him to attend the retreat and the young man just walked away quietly.  Later that week, the religious brother talked to the young man’s parents and his parents made him go on the retreat. The parents’ rationale: because the young man’s older brothers attended retreat he, too, would have to attend.  The young man became angry; he knew the retreat would be boring and would offer him nothing. Begrudgingly, the young man went on retreat.

On retreat, the young man listened to the talks. He hardly participated in small groups nor did he eat meals with others. Slowly the young man began to open up and began engaging in small groups. Finally, the big moment came. It was adoration time. The time when students were asked to write in their journals. To this day the young man remembers that journal prompt: Why is my cross so hard to bear?

The retreat leader asked if anyone wanted to share what they had written and the young man volunteered. The room became quiet and the young man became very emotional. It was difficult for him to open his heart to God. No one knew what the young man was going through but they realized this was a powerful spiritual event. Suffice to say, this retreat had a major impact on this young man’s life.

In college, he participated in the Catholic Newman Center and Inter-Varsity worship and after graduating from college, he became a Catholic school teacher. Eventually, he became a teen youth coordinator, who also taught the Catholic Christian Development program and the majority of the Sacraments. Today, he is the Campus Minister of Saint Vincent de Paul High School.

I am still thankful to the Campus Minister who reached out to me and my parent offering the opportunity of a lifetime.  Campus Ministry truly is a special gift from God. If your child is thinking about Campus Ministry please know that I will support and help them grown in their love of Christ our Savior.